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Minnesota Defense Index
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Minnesota Defense is a quarterly magazine published by MDLA. Publication dates are on or about February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. Set forth below are the Minnesota Defense index of articles. If you have any questions, please contact the MDLA office.

Minnesota Defense — Articles


Winter 2020

  • The Whole Truth: What Whole Exome Sequencing and Other Genetic Tests Can Reveal about Causation in Birth Injury Cases — Sarah Hoffman
  • Minnesota Joins Majority of States in Enacting Additional Statutory Legislation Related to Licensing and Regulation of Assisted Living Facilities — Elle Lannon and Patti Skoglund
  • Practical and Ethical Pitfalls of Audio Recording Neuropsychological Examinations — Michael T. Burke

Fall 2019

  • Inclusion: A Critical Element in the Evolutionary Process of the Legal and Construction Professions — Kristine A. Kubes
  • Microaggressions: Why Seemingly Minor Incidents of Bias Create Major Problems for Women in the Legal Profession — Janine Loetscher and Brittany Skemp
  • Well-being and Beyond: It’s Up to All of Us — Joan Bibelhausen

Summer 2019

  • MDLA 2019 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • 13 Practical Tips for Tenders of Defense and Indemnity — Sarah Roeder
  • What it Means to Be Exclusive: The Overruling of Karst and the Effect on the WCA’s Exclusivity Provision — Erik Rootes

Spring 2019

  • Expanding School Liability: How the Minnesota Supreme Court Put the Foreseeability Standard into Question — Tessa McEllistrem and Elle Lannon
  • From Discharged Debts to Collateral Sources: An Argument for the Expansion of 62Q.75 to Bodily Injury Claims — Cindy Butler and Stacey Sorenson
  • The Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance Has Been Approved: Now What? — Lance D. Meyer and Dale O. Thornsjo

Winter 2019

  • Amicus Curiae Update: 2018 — Louise A. Behrendt
  • Defending Claims Involving Future Radiofrequency Neurotomy Treatments — John R. Crawford and Lauren E. Nuffort
  • Beyond the Backlog: Legal Reform Needed after Significant Increase in Alleged Elder Abuse Complaints in 2017 — Maureen Lodoen, Pat Skoglund and Vicki Hruby
  • Forget Plausibility – Three Tools to Help Your Motion to Dismiss in Minnesota State Court, Even after Walsh — Jeffrey M. Markowitz


Fall 2018

  • Supporting Transgender Employees Undergoing Gender Transition — Heather Tabery
  • The Crisis that Killed a Legend: How Minnesota Counties Are Taking on Pharma to Fight the Cost of the Opioid Crisis — Elena D. Harvey, Samuel Courtney
  • Supreme Shift: Lessons the Defense Bar Can Learn from Recent Supreme Court Opinions — Steven A. Bader

Summer 2018

  • MDLA 2018 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Arising Out of: A Slippery Slope Elliot Frayne Notice and Remediation of Architectural Barriers in Accessibility Lawsuits — Hannah G. Felix
  • Taking the Teeth Out of the Dram Shop Act’s Notice Provision — T. James Power

Spring 2018

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents, Governmental Immunities, Tort Caps, Oh My! — Tessa McEllistrem and Jessica Schwie in collaboration with Jack Hennen
  • Use of Expert Witnesses in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases — Christopher J. Van Rybroek and Emily B. Uhl
  • It’s All Relative: Homeowners and Auto Policies and Children (of All Ages) — Kerri J. Nelson
    Meet MDLA’s Newest Committee: Women in the Law — Elizabeth Brotten and Lauren Nuffort

Winter 2018

  • Amicus Curiae Update: 2017 — Louise A. Behrendt
  • The Gig Economy: Concerns For Businesses Who Hire Non-Traditional
    “Gig” Workers — Molly de la Vega
  • Medical Treatment For Minors – The Challenge Of Consent — Christine E. Hinrichs
  • Reptilian Scales of Justice: The Ongoing Battle Against the Reptile Theory — Ceena Idicula Johnson and Jim McAlpine


Winter 2017

  • Prepared in Anticipation—Taking Full Advantage of the Protections in Rule 26.02(d) — Pete Gregory and Jessica Kometz
  • Protecting Medical Providers from Physical Harm Without Exposing Them to Liability — Corinne Ivanca and John Casserly
  • Condo Developer Held Liable for Design and Construction Defects Under MCIOA — Is it Finally Time for a Change? — Jade E. Holman and Lance D. Meyer

Spring 2017

  • Of Gods and Government: The Substantial Burden and Safe Harbor Provisions of RLUIPA — Tal A. Bakke with collaboration and support from Jessica E. Schwie
  • Perfecting Your Panel Position: Advice for the New and for the Experienced — Michelle Lore
  • Blurred Lines: The Expanding Jurisdiction of the No-Fault Arbitrator Under Western National v. Thompson — Tania Lex

Summer 2017

  • When an Employment Negotiation Breaks Down Over a Maternity Leave Request, the Search for What Actually Motivated the Employer Gets Complicated — Jacalyn Chinander
  • Join the Retail and Hospitality Committee — Steven A. Bader and Grant Goerke
  • MDLA 2017 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2017

  • Continuing the Conversation on Implicit Bias — Joan Bibelhausen, Sybil Dunlop and Colleen McGarry
  • Keeping the Beetles Out of Our Food Products: a FIFRA Preemption Update — John F. Thomas and Jorgen Lervick
  • The Common Enterprise Defense Is Alive and Well, but Still not without Limits — Brian M. McSherry and Lance D. Meyer


Winter 2016

  • Amicus Curiae: A Revised Update — Louise A. Behrendt
  • Networking for Newer Lawyers — C. Jeremy Lagasse
  • Will the Affordable Care Act Reduce Future Damages? — Laura A. Moehrle and John A. Sullivan

Spring 2016

  • 10 Things Defense Attorneys Should Know About the DPPA — Stephanie A. Angolkar
  • Six Years After Swanson: Whose Gap is it, Anyway? Collateral Source Law Update — Janine M. Loetscher and Beth A. Jenson Prouty
  • Changing the Face of the Minnesota No-Fault Act — Mark G. Pryor

Summer 2016

  • The Changing Landscape of Opioids in Workers’ Compensation — Andrew J. Flynn
  • MDLA 2016 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • ADA Accessibility “Tester” Lawsuits — Hannah G. Felix, Jardine and Kevin Velasquez with collaboration and support from Jessica E. Schwie and Ben McAninch, Blethen.

Fall 2016

  • Talc and Ovarian Cancer: A Products Liability Powder Keg? — Elizabeth Sorenson Brotten
  • Amended Rule 5.04, What Is it Good for? — Rachel B. Beauchamp
  • It Can Be Done: A Primer for Diverse Attorney Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion Efforts in Small and Mid-Sized Firms — Bryan Browning, John E. (Jack) Hennen, Colleen McGarry
  • 2016 MDLA TTS Diverse Law Students Program — Matthew Thibodeau
  • Disability Considerations — Joan Bibelhausen


Winter 2015

  • A Threat from Within: Defending Closely-Held Corporations Against Their Own Shareholders — Casey Marshall
  • Paying it Forward: Approaching Mentorship as a New Lawyer — Rachael Holthaus, Lauren Nuffort, Paul Shapiro, and Peter Stiteler
  • Terminating Treatment: A Guardian’s Dilemma? — Vicki A. Hruby
  • Commercial Indemnity Clauses in Minnesota: A Practitioner’s Guide — Steve Laitinen and Andrew Hart

Spring 2015

  • Body-Worn Cameras and Dismissal of Claims — Stephanie A. Angolkar
  • Defending the Agricultural Spray Drift Case: Microns, Biochemistry, and Phantom Phenomenon — Michael D. Sharkey
  • Rule 5.04: Does it Really Mean What it Says? — Laura A. Moehrle and John A. Sullivan
  • MDLA Mid-Winter Conference

Summer 2015

  • MDLA 2015 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • A Look at the Law Improvement Committee in 2015 — Thomas E. Marshall
  • Apportioning Fault Between a Negligent Tortfeasor and an Intentional Tortfeasor in Minnesota — Lauren D'Cruz and Mark Fredrickson
  • Wrapping Your Head Around Traumatic Brain Injury Claims in Minnesota Workers’ Compensation — Kalli Bennett & Mackenzie Moy Heacox

Fall 2015

  • Mediator Insights: Viewpoints On Construction Defect Mediations — Connie I. Armstrong
  • Hamstrung Health Care Providers: The Dangers of Overlooking the Medical Privacy Minefield in the Defense of Agency Investigations of Employment Discrimination — Ryan P. Myers and Peter D. Stiteler
  • The Increasing Importance of National Coordinating Counsel — Joanna Salmen and Kate C. Johnson
  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats… — Paul J. Rocheford
  • Joint and Several Liability in the Context of Lambertson Contribution Actions: Third-Party Tortfeasors May Now Breathe Easier — By Peter M. Lindberg


Winter 2014

  • Tips from the Trenches: How to Succeed as a Summer Associate and as a First-Year Associate — Paul Shapiro and Lauren Nuffort
  • Recent Legislative Initiatives Strengthen the Protection of Minnesota’s Vulnerable Adults — Nancy M. Aboyan and Marlene S. Garvis
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Issues Much-Anticipated Government Data Practices Decision — Patricia Y. Beety

Spring 2014

  • Your Mama’s So Dumb … The Judge Said She Screwed Up on Purpose OR The Expanding Doctrine of Inferred Intent — Dana Gerber, and Mark Pryor
  • Did You Read The Policy?: The Known-Loss Amendment to the CGL Insuring Provision — Paula Weseman Theisen
  • In Memory of Larry King
  • Every Dog Has Its Day (In Court) — Steven A. Bader
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part: How Wisconsin Law Prevents Minnesota Same-sex Marriage Couples from Making Burial or Cremation Decisions When a Partner Dies in Wisconsin — Michael D. Sharkey

Summer 2014

  • 2014 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • We Need to Talk: How Intervention Claims Stagnate Workers’ Compensation Claims and What You Can Do About it — Thomas Atchison
  • Keep Calm and Litigate on: Ethical Considerations of Pro Se Litigation — Jason M. Hill
  • Employment-At-Will Is Alive: The Impact of Dukowitz v. Hannon Security Services, Inc. — James R. Andreen

Fall 2014

  • Reallocation and the Severally Liable Defendant: Applying Minnesota Statute Section 604.02 After Staab v. Diocese of St. Cloud — Dyan J. Ebert and Laura A. Moehrle
  • Navigating the Duty to Defend in Construction Contracts: Where Does Minnesota Stand? — Corey S. Bronczyk and Douglas MacArthur
  • When Is a Fan Not a Product? When It’s an Improvement to Real Property! — Russell S. Ponessa and Alison Umland
  • Minnesota Just Can’t Quit Twombly: Why the Court’s Recent Decision in Walsh Likely Does not Signal a Return to “Pure” Notice Pleading — Ryan P. Myers


Winter 2013

  • A Line in the Sand on Sexual Harassment Cases in Minnesota — Jessica Ommen
  • The Future Is Now: the Supreme Court’s Third and Fourth Trilogies Enforcing the Federal Arbitration Act Create Challenges for Commercial Litigators — Stephen P. Laitinen
  • Some More Incredibly Boring Stuff about Medicare and Collateral Source Offsets And Other Things that You Don’t Ever Ever Want to Talk About at Social Gatherings, Even with Other Lawyer — James S. McAlpine and Laura A. Moehrle

Spring 2013

  • Coming Soon to a Civil Case Near You: Changes to the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and General Rules of Practice for the District Courts — Jessica J. Theisen, Esq.
  • Ethics in Arbitration: Three Proposals to Promote Efficiency, Finality and Fairness in Minnesota’s No-Fault Arbitration System — Sarah R. Jewell
  • Tying the Hands of Insurance Companies and the Contractual Right to Examinations Under Oath: How Western National and Padilla Limit EUOs in the No-Fault Context — Elizabeth Kumagai and Jesse Beier
  • Government Liability in the Age of Sequester: Constitutional Obligations, Access to Justice, and the Bottom Line — Jason M. Hill

Summer 2013

  • Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association 2013 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Major Changes to Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Laws — Thomas W. Atchison and Jennifer R. Augustin
  • Wrapping Your Head Around it All: Identifying and Handling Mental Injuries Following Recent Changes to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act — Thomas W. Atchison and Jennifer R. Augustin
  • The Use of Criminal Background Checks in Employment: Darned if You Don’t Do them Correctly. Darned if You Don’t Do them at All — Morgan A. Godfrey
  • Mark Bradford Appointed to Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure

Fall 2013

  • Contractual Indemnity and Additional Insured Endorsements in the Construction Context — Application of Existing Precedent or a Dramatic Departutre? — Jeffrey R. Mulder
  • The Exceptions to the Exception to the Insurance Exception to the Anti-Indemnity Statute — Christopher Angell


Winter 2012

  • Ex Parte Contacts with Former Employees — Michael P. Goodwin
  • 2012 MDLA MidWinter Conference
  • Is Twombly Affecting the Way Minnesota State Courts View Pleadings and Motions to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim? — Paul E.D. Darsow

Spring 2012

  • Collecting Costs and Disbursements After a Defense Verdict — Dana L. Gerber, Eric S. Hayes and Mark G. Pryor
  • The Sharp Claws of Cat’s Paw Liability: How to Avoid Employer Liability in the Wake of the United States Supreme Court Decision Endorsing Employer Liability for Adverse Employment Actions Influenced by Biased Supervisors — Susan M. Tindall
  • Moving Toward Improved Legal Writing — Mark R. Bradford

Summer 2012

  • Personal Jurisdiction in the Wake of J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro — Russell S. Ponessa
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits: How Can they Be Permanently Discontinued? — Karen R. Swanton and Theresa R. Flack
  • 2012 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Liability and the Sole Defendant: Applying Minnesota Statute Section 604.02 after Staab v. Diocese of St Cloud — Laura A. Moehrle and Matthew M. Johnson
  • 2012 MDLA Trial Techniques Seminar and 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • In Memoriam: Michael J. Ford

Fall 2012

  • 2012 Trial Techniques Seminar and 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Remodeling Duties: An Insurer’s New Duty to Advise the Insured to Request an Allocation of Damages — Matthew D. Sloneker and Thomas J. Evenson
  • Your Product Ending Up There is Not Enough... So What Is? — Laura N. Maupin
  • In Memoriam: John D. Quinlivan


Winter 2011

  • Protecting Your Client’s Future Interest: Update on Medicare Secondary Payer Act Compliance — Whitney L. Teel, Esq.
  • Win Your First Trial and Have Fun Doing it! — Richard C. Scattergood and Elizabeth Kumagai
  • Land Use & Development — a Look Forward in Light of Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions in 2010 - Mark K. Hellie
  • You Came to Work Dressed Like that? — Jessica E. Schwie and Allison Walsh

Spring 2011

  • Bridging the Gap: Major Changes to Minnesota’s Collateral Source Law in Swanson v. Brewster — David E. Camarotto and Janine M. Luhtala
  • No-Fault Income Loss Claims in a Bad Economy — Heather Diersen and Kisten E. Pranschke

Summer 2011

  • Spoiler Alert: The EEOC Releases Final Regulations Interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) — Jana O’Leary Sullivan
  • Take Two Aspirin and Call me in a Week — the Outer Limits of Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits - Mark Kleinschmidt, Nicole Kampa, Charlene Feenstra and Stacy Bouman
  • 2011 Regular Legislative Session Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2011

  • 2011 Trial Techniques Seminar
  • Engineering and Construction Innovations, Inc. v. L.H. Bolduc: New Developments in the Construction Anti-Indemnity Statute — Mark A. Bloomquist
  • Don’t Disturb the Sleeping Dog: An Overview of the Minnesota Dog Bite Liability Statute and Recent Case Law — Dyan Ebert, Garin Strobl, and Laura Moehrle


Spring 2010

  • Event Data Recorders in Auto-Accident Litigation — Mark A. Fredrickson, Peter L. Gregory, and Roger J. Burgmeier
  • The Tripartite Relationship Revisited — Michael J. Ford, Steven R. Schwegman, and Joel M. Frye
  • Corporate Designee Depositions: Complying with Rule 30(b)(6)/30.02(f) — Anthony J. Kane
  • Laches, a Defense that is Alive and Well in Minnesota — Michael J. Ford and Cally Kjellberg

Summer 2010

  • How District Courts have Interpreted and Applied the Minnesota Good Faith Claims Act (Minn. Stat. § 604.18.) — Kris Huether, Esq.
  • Preventive Measures to Reduce the Risk of Adverse Incidents in Long-Term Care Facilities and How to Respond when an Incident Does Occur — James McAlpine and Bill Gray
  • 2010 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2010

  • Rule 68: The Prejudgment Interest Wrinkle — Matthew Frantzen
  • Minnesota Statutes Addressing Construction Defect Litigation Undergo Major Remodeling — Michael P. North and Kafi C. Linville


Winter 2009

  • The Difficulties of Representing a Board or Council — Jason J. Kuboushek and Andrea B. Wing
  • A Call for a Purposive Approach to the Application of the Reallocation Provisions of Minnesota's Joint and Several Liability Statute — Mark A. Solheim and M. David Classen
  • The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and its Impact on Minnesota Employment Claims — Thomas E. Marshall
  • Coverage Conflicts Challenge Insurance Carriers and Contractors in Minnesota — Dawn L. Gagne

Summer 2009

  • New Medicare Notice and Reporting Regulations: A Discussion on How to Settle Cases Without Exposing Clients to Penalties Under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act — Whitney L. Teel, Esq.
  • Defending Claims Against Governmental Clients Caused by the Current Climate of Cost Cutting — Patricia Y. Beety
  • The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: A Review of the Legislative History and Its Application to Recent Cases — Amy C. Taber
  • 2009 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2009

  • An Old Guy's Meanderings Through and About No-Fault — Jim Kremer
  • The Minnesota Fale Claims Act and Product Liability — David P. Graham
  • Defending Against a Family and Medical Leave Act Claim — Jessica Schwie and Allison Walsh
  • The Common Sense Approach to Arbitrator Selection in No-Fault Cases — Tammy M. Reno


Winter 2008

  • The A.P.I. Case: The "Kiss O' Death" of Kossoondath? — Dale O. Thornsjo
  • Governmental Immunity Update — Jessica E. Schwie

Spring 2008

  • Dude, Where's my Cab? The Rights, Responsibilities and Liabilities Involved in Loaning and Borrowing Property, with a Focus on Taxicab Claims in the Twin Cities — David M. Werwie, Esq.
  • 2008 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Religious Accomodation in the Workplace — James R. Andreen
  • Defense Strategies for Seeking Dismissal of Common Law and Warranty Claims in Commercial Construction Defect Cases Under Minn. Stat. S541.051 Where the Contract Requires Arbitration of Disputes: A Case Study — Mark S. Brown and Kimberly L. Johnson

Summer 2008

  • Retaliation Claims; Not Just an Afterthought — Morgan A. Godfrey

Fall 2008

  • Navigating Minnesota's New First-Party Bad Faith Law — Jessica J. Theisens
  • Changes to Rule 68 Greatly Favor Plaintiffs — Richard J. Thomas and Jessica C. Kunz
  • The Helmet Defense Rule in Minnesota — Scott V. Kelly and Daniel J. Bellig


Winter 2007

  • What Civil Defense Attorneys Should Know about ERISA— Tiffany M. Quick
  • Wooddale Builders, Inc. v. Maryland Casualty Co.: Supreme Court Addresses Certain Insurance Coverage Issues Pertaining to Moisture Intrusion Claims — John M. Bjorkman and Paula Duggan Vraa

Spring 2007

  • Advice for Goldilocks When Hiring Good Help: Don't Ask Too Much; Don't Ask Too Little — Jessica J. Thiesen and Tamara Novotny
  • Recent Developments in Employment Law for the Defense Attorney — Janet C. Ampe, Mary L. Senkbeil and Amy C. Taber

Summer 2007

  • Offers of Judgment and Fee Shifting Statutes: the "Un-American" Rule — Thomas E. Marshall
  • 2007 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2007

  • Minnesota Supreme Court Considers Revisions to Rule 68 that Would Make Defendents Pay Double Costs and Disbursements
  • Limiting Liability for Sexual Harrassment: New Guidance fom the Eighth Circuit — Megan Backer and Joeseph Schmitt
  • Compliance with New Standard for Safety Information can Assist Production Manufacturer in Defending Failure to Warn Claims — Christine M. Mennen and Sheila T. Kerwin
  • Nvigating the Workers' Compensation Subrogation Labyrinth: How to Resolve the "Unresolvable" Subrogation Case Through Alternative, Cutting-Edge Settlement Negotiation Models — Joseph M. Nemo III


Winter 2006

  • The Medicare Super Lien: More Powerful Than an Ordinary Health Care Lien, Faster than a Typical Governmental Bureaucracy and Able to Impose Penalties and Increased Exposure in a Single Bound — Sean J. Mickelson
  • No-Fault or Our Fault? Ideas on How We Can Solve Many of our Own No-Fault Problems — Kelly Sofio
  • Statutes of Limitations, Statutes of Repose and Notice Requirements at a Glance — Michael D. Carr

Spring 2006

  • Government Data and The Defense Attorney: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Working with Minnesota's Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA) — Patricia Beety
  • The Evolution and Extinction of the Business Risk Doctrine and Other Issues Affecting Insurance Coverage in Construction Defect Litigation — Carrie Hund

Summer 2006

  • Barbarians at the Gate: Is Public Entity Lead-Based Paint Litigation Coming to Minnesota? — Matthew S. Frantzen
  • Who's on the Risk? Allocating Damages aAmong Insurers in Construction Defect Claims — Brian H. Sande and Mark R. Bradford
  • 2006 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2006

  • The Corporate Death Defense: Alive and Well in Minnesota — Richard J. Leighton
  • Hot Off the Press: Minnesota Supreme Court Clarifies Pro-rata Insurance Coverage Allocation for Wet Home Contractor — Michael D. Carr and James F. Mewborn
  • Claims for Contribution and Indemnity After Weston v. McWilliams: Where Do the Claims Start and Where Do the Claims Stop? — Amy K. Amundson and Steven M. Sitek
  • Understanding Minnesota's Contractual Indemnity Quagmire at a Glance — Michael D. Carr



Winter 2004

  • Expert Witnesses in the Product Liability Landscape — Anton J. van der Merwe
  • Minnesota Products Liability Law 1992-2003, Part I — George W. Soule, Kevin Curry and Amy B. Pinske

Spring 2004

  • The 3M Silicone Implant Case — What is the Impact for Construction Cases — James F. Mewborn
  • Law Firm Liability for Disclosing Patient Medical Records to an Expert Witness — Chad J. Hintz
  • Minnesota Products Liability Law 1992-2003, Part II — George W. Soule, Kevin Curry and Amy B. Pinske

Summer 2004

  • Defendant's Shield Becomes a Sword: Challenging Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia Claims in Minnesota Courts — Mark A. Fredrickson and Jessica R. Wymore
  • 2004 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Discovery of Electronic Evidence in Civil Litigation: A Defense Perspective — David H. Schultz and Michele C. S. Lange

Fall 2004

  • Caught on Tape — Are Surveillance Films Discoverable in Minnesota? — Kenneth A. Kimber
  • Wisconsin Discovery Primer — Edward E. Beckmann
  • A Bump in the Road: Ascertaining Damages in Transportation Cases — Sara M. Bottleson and Anthony J. Novak


Winter 2003

  • Defense Considerations in Mold Litigation: Investigation, Causation, Mitigation & Remediation (Part II) — Dale O. Thornsjo and Shamus P. O'Meara
  • WHY ROCK THE BOAT? The Status of the Tripartite Relationship between Insured, Insurer and Insurance Defense Counsel in the Wake of Pine Island Farmers Coop v. Erstad & Riemer, P.A., 649 N.W.2d 444 (Minn. 2002) — Chandelle L. Heyer and Bryan B. Carroll

Spring 2003

  • Defending Class Actions: New Strategies to Defeat Certification — Christopher R. Morris
  • Rule Changes Affecting Settlement Agreements with Minors or Incompetent Persons — Anthony J. Kane

Summer 2003

  • Choosing Statutes of Limitations: A Good Place for More Interest in Conflicts of Law — Cortney G. Sylvester
  • Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage Law — Sarah E. Morris
  • 2003 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren

Fall 2003

  • Suing "Big Food" in Minnesota: How a Suit Against Fast Food Might Play Out Under the Minnesota Consumer Fraud Statutes — Nathan O. Krahn
  • Writing to Win? Avoiding Common Substantive Legal Writing Mishaps can Make the Difference — Chad J. Hintz
  • Silicone Implant Insurance Coverage Litigation Update — Sean J. Mickelson
  • A Lawyer's Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions — Nina Ivanichvili
  • Prior Bad Acts: Keeping Your Client's Skeletons Where They Belong — in the Closet — Stephen P. Laitinen and Jennifer G. Daughterty


Winter 2002

  • The Future of Medical Monitoring Claims in Minnesota — Courtney Ward-Reichard
  • Disability Discrimination — The Impact of Hoover v. Norwest Private Banking — James R. Andreen

Spring 2002

  • New Definition of "Sexual Harassment" May Lead to Strict Liability — Matthew E. Johnson
  • Defending the Fortress — Guarding Your Client's Trade Secrets in Minnesota — Steve Laitenen and Carrie A. Daniel

Summer 2002

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Understanding the Impact of New Federal Privacy Protections for Medical Records — Christopher R. Morris
  • A Word About Client Law Firm Practice — Michael J. Ford

Fall 2002

  • Defense Considerations in Mold Litigation: Investigation, Causation, Mitigation & Remediation — Dale O. Thornsjo and Shamus P. O'Meara
  • Diversity in MDLA: Statement of Principle


Winter 2001

  • CIVJIG 91.40 – A Misguided Jury Instruction Guide — David C. Hutchinson and Mary H. Alcorn
  • A Primer on OSHA’s Final Ergonomics Program Standards — Kathleen S. Bray

Spring 2001

  • Spoliation of Evidence — Sean J. Mickelson
  • Admissibility of Novel Scientific Evidence: The Minnesota Supreme Court's Verdict — Victor E. Lund and Michael DeKruif
  • An Associate's First Client — Michael J. Ford

Summer 2001

  • An Overview of the Traditional Law of Copyrights, Trademarks & Patents — Michael M. Lafeber, John B. Lunseth III, Gerald E. Helget, and Nelson Capes
  • 2001 Legislative Report — Sandy Neren
  • Multidisciplinary Practice: Where Is It Heading? — Rebecca Egge Moos

Fall 2001

  • The Mysterious "Coverage B": A Primer on CGL Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage — Britton D. Weimer
  • Dram Shop 101: Liquor Liability for New Attorneys — Steven D. Pattee
  • We are Lucky to Enjoy the Opportunity to Serve: An Interview — Patrick D. Robben


Winter 2000

  • A New Lawyer’s Guide to the Minnesota Automobile Insurance System, Part 2 — Jeannie Provo-Peterson
  • ERISA Preemption of "Managed Care" Claims and Proposed Legislation to Increase the Liability of HMOs — Cecilie Morris Loidolt
  • Supervision of Staff and the Sharing of Information — Michael J. Ford
  • Legislative Preview – 2000 Session — Sandy L. Neren

Spring 2000

  • The Restatement (Third) of Torts and the Proof of a Reasonable Alternative Design, Part 1 of 2 — Shawn Raiter
  • Introduction to the Revised UCC Article 9 – Secured Transactions — Cassandra Ward Brown
  • Road Rage – Coverage? — Victor Lund

Summer 2000

  • The Restatement (Third) of Torts and the Proof of a Reasonable Alternative Design, Part 2 of 2 — Shawn Raiter
  • Local Government’s Authority to Regulate the Sitting of Wireless Communications Facilities —
    Paul D. Reuvers
  • 2000 Legislative Session Report — Richard J. Thomas and Thomas Marshall
  • Workers’ Compensation Subrogation and Employer Liability Statutory Changes for the New Millenium — Michael D. Carr

Fall 2000

  • Legislative Changes to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act — Mark J. Freeman
  • Enforceability of the Criminal Act Exclusion in Today’s Homeowner’s Policy — Megan L. Deering

Archive (before 2000)

Winter 1999

  • Invasion of Privacy – The Supreme Court Recognizes a New Cause of Action — Victor E. Lund
  • Insurance Coverage for Employment Claims Under CGL Policies — Sarah E. Morris

Spring 1999

  • Effective Employee Hiring and Screening: Complying with Anti-Discrimination Law while Hiring the Right Employee — David Nirenstein
  • 1999 Legislative Update — Richard J. Thomas and Thomas Marshall
  • Understanding the Contractual Indemnity Quagmire: Analyzing Contractual Indemnity at a Glance — Michael D. Carr
  • Minnesota No-Fault: 1998 Arbitration Statistics — Karen Imus Johnson

Summer 1999

  • The Y2K Bug – Issues Facing the Insurance Industry — Victor E. Lund
  • Pre-Litigation Pierringer Releases: Keeping the Contribution/Indemnity Door Closed — Bradley D. Hendrickson

Fall 1999

  • Rules for Practice in General — Justice John E. Simonett
  • Workers’ Compensation: Just the Basics — William G. Laak
  • A New Lawyer’s Guide to the Minnesota Automobile Insurance System, Part 1 — Jeannie Provo-Peterson

Winter 1998

  • Amicus Curiae Update — MDLA Amicus Committee
  • Statutes of Limitations at a Glance (Personal Injury, Subrogation and Workers’ Compensation) — Michael D. Carr and David O. Nirenstein
  • The Promotion of Professionalism on a Broader Scale — Julius Gernes, MDLA Professionalism Committee

Spring 1998

  • Limiting Expert Witness Discovery — Craig Hunter
  • The Contractor’s Obligation to Insure: We Know it Exists, But When Does it End? — Steve Pfefferle and Anthony Kane
  • Statute of Limitations at a Glance — (Employment) — David Nirenstein

Summer 1998

  • Workplace Assaults, Employment Law and the Assault Exception to Minnesota’s Workers’ Compensation Statute — David J. Hoekstra
  • Subrogation and the Combined Work Force — Joseph W. Waller
  • No-Fault Claims: An Arbitrator’s Perspective — Michael J. Ford
  • Recent Developments in Fear of Cancer, Increased Risk of Cancer and Medical Monitoring Claims — Richard J. Leighton
  • 1998 Legislative Update — Richard J. Thomas and Dale B. Lindman

Fall 1998

  • Handling Employee Terminations — David O. Nirenstein
  • The Legal Rights of Tribal Entities in Minnesota — Richard A. Lind and Jolene D. Vicchiollo
  • The Bruggeman Doctrine: Legal Fiction or Just Fiction? — Thomas F. Ascher
  • Application of Subrogation Waiver in Light of Employers Mutual Casualty Co. v. A.C.C.T., Inc. — Steven D. Pattee

Winter 1997

  • Negligent Hiring in Minnesota: Emerging Limitations to Liability Under the Doctrine of Negligent Hiring — David J. Hoekstra
  • Automobile Liability Insurance for Customers of Garages and Car Dealerships: Are You Sure You are Covered? — Barret W. S. Lane
  • MDLA History – Part I — Michael S. Ryan

Spring 1997

  • Jury Trials in Declaratory Judgment Actions — Leon R. Erstad
  • Evidence of a Defendant’s Financial Condition: Is It an Essential Element of a Punitive Damages Claim in Minensota? — Eric Magnuson and Glen Goldman
  • CDR: All That ADR Should Be — John M. Degnan and John Brian III
  • MDLA History – Part II — Michael S. Ryan

Fall 1997

  • But I Don’t Want this Judge! — Stephen O. Plunkett and Jack G. Rice
  • Documenting Settlements: A Practitioner’s Perspective — Michael J. Ford
  • MN Workers’ Compensation Subrogation and Employer Liability at a Glance — Michael D. Carr

Winter 1996

  • The Role of the Vocational Expert — Christopher D. Robinson
  • Strategic Considerations for Counsel Representing Third Party Defendants After a Naig Settlement — Paul D. Peterson
  • Tips for Representing Parties in No-Fault Arbitration Proceedings — Michael J. Ford

Spring 1996

  • 1995 Amendments to Workers’ Compensation Act: The "Pit & the Pendulum" — Thomas F. Coleman, Lisa F. Kinney and Jane McMahon
  • Avoiding Insurer Bad Faith in Minnesota — Michael D. Carr
  • Simplification: A Proposal for Reform of the Post-Lamberton System — Janet Stellpflug
  • 1996 Minnesota Legislative Recap — Richard Thomas and Richard Mahoney
  • MDLA Membership Survey Summary/Comments

Summer 1996

  • Minnesota’s Choice-of-Law Dinosaur: Still in the Jurassic Period When It Comes to Statutes of Limitation — Willard L. Converse and Pamela Converse Erin
  • The Proper and Improper Use of Objections: How to Conduct Purposeful and Strategic Depositions — Michael J. Ford
  • A Summary of Minnesota Law on Punitive Damages — Richard A. Koehler

Fall 1996

  • Professionalism in Settlement Negotiations — Erik J. Askegaard
  • When Does a Code Violation Constitute Negligence Per Se in a Tenant’s Action Against a Landlord After Bills v. Willow Run I Apartments? — Mark A. Fredrickson and Glen M. Goldman
  • Preserving and Defeating Hospital and DHS Liens — Melinda M. Sanders
  • Minnesota Law of Indemnity in Construction Contracts: Two Steps Closer to Clarity — Mark A. Bloomquist

Winter 1995

  • Fields of (Plaintiff’s) Dress: Litigation of Electromagnetic Filed Claims — Eric E. Strobel
  • The Lead Paint Legacy: Defense and Insurance Coverage of Lead-Based Litigation — Marcia Harris and Larry King
  • Defamation in the Workplace — David John Hoekstra

Spring 1995

  • Go Ahead and "Naig"! The Employer’s Options When Faced With a Potential Settlement by the Employee — Shamus P. O’Meara
  • Defending Fear of Cancer, Increased Risk of Cancer and Medical Monitoring Claims in Minnesota — Richard J. Leighton

Summer 1995

  • Justice John E. Simonett’s Legacy of Wisdom and Common Sense: A Defense Lawyer’s Perspective — Richard L. Pemberton, Jr.
  • A Statistical Analysis of Minnesota No-Fault Claims — Michael J. Ford
  • Insurance Policies to Become Collateral Under Article 9 — Cassandra K. Ward

Fall 1995

  • Seeing (Feeling and Hearing) is Believing: Effective and Creative Use of Demonstrative Evidence at Trial – or – The Exhibits Kept Me Awake — Marcia M. Kull and Kim M. Schmid
  • Environmental Audit Privilege Legislation in Minnesota: A Step Forward in the War Against Grime — Paul F. Liebman and Christopher M. McGlincey

Winter 1994

  • Fibromyalgia: Litigating a Medical Controversy — Debra McBride
  • Remarriage and Wrongful Death Damages: Long Separated but Ripe for Reconciliation — Cortney G. Sylvester
  • Attorney’s Fees in Insurance Declaratory Judgment Actions — Kenneth P. Gleason
  • Continuing Developments Regarding Insurance for Environmental Claims — John M. Anderson and Michael A. Klutho

Spring 1994

  • Are You Covered? Further Developments in Environmental Insurance Coverage Law — Leon R. Erstad
  • Taking the Offensive: How Summary Judgment Practice Can Lead Your File Preparation — Thomas R. Thibodeau and David M. Johnson
  • Weekly Wage Calculations in Workers’ Compensation Cases, Part Two — Richard C. Nelson and Christine L. Tuft

Summer 1994

  • New Limitations (Or a New Expression of Old Limitations) on the Role of Deponent’s Counsel at the Deposition — Jacqueline M. Moen
  • Loy-Teigen Releases in Minnesota Following the Decisions of the Minnesota Supreme Court in Drake v. Ryan — Paul D. Peterson

Fall 1994

  • Managing the Insured Worker: The Interplay Between Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disability Act and Workers’ Compensation — John E. Murray
  • Application of the U.C.C. Statute of Limitations to Breach of Warranty Actions for Contribution and Indemnity — Scott P. Drawe
  • Are You Covered? Environmental Insurance Coverage Law Continues to Develop — Marcia Harris and Larry King
  • Recent Developments in Uninsured Motorist Coverage — Angela Williams, Reid Lindquist and
    Victor Lund

Winter 1993

  • Residential Property Owner’s Duty to Protect Tenants from Criminal Acts of Unknown Third Persons — Patricia Terhaar Rosvold and Reid R. Lindquist
  • Merchants of Goods of the Kind—Minnesota’s New Interpretation of the Economic Loss Doctrine — Hal A. Shillingstad
  • Ending Gender Inequity — John H. Scherer

Spring/Summer 1993

  • Combating Unreliable Expert Testimony — Mark S. Olson and Susan K. Wiens
  • Partial Settlements: Insurance Coverage — Rebecca Egge Moos, Mark R. Whitmore and John M. Bjorkman
  • Weekly Wage Calculations in Workers’ Compensation Cases: Inserting Flap A Into Slot B — Richard C. Nelson

Fall 1993

  • Daubert and Its Aftermath — Mark S. Olson
  • Are You Covered? Recent Developments Regarding Insurance for Environmental Claims — Robert B. Jaskowiak
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court Rejects Bystander’s Emotional Distress Claim — Louise A. Dovre

Winter 1992

  • Strict Liability for Unsophisticated Plaintiffs: Minnesota’s Legislative Response to Hapka v. Paquin Farms — Kenneth P. Gleason
  • Problems With and Solutions for Claims Under Minn. Stat. Sec. 176.82 — Katherine L. MacKinnon
  • Should Paralegals Be Allowed to Become Members of MDLA? Pro & Con — Michael J. Ford and Richard J. Thomas

Spring 1992

  • Serving Two Masters: The Defense Counsel’s Dilemma — Katherine A. McBride
  • The Occurrence Clause: Issues of Expectation, Intent, and Conscious Control of Risks — Erik J. Askegaard
  • Practical Fallout and Consequences of the 1992 Legislature — Richard J. Thomas
  • The Learned Treatise Exception Revisited: The Defense Perspective — John H. Scherer and Michael J. Rajkowski

Summer 1992

  • Between the Rock and the Customer: Trends in independent Agent Errors and Omissions Litigation — James O. Redman
  • Minnesota Products Liability Law: 1986-1992 — George W. Soule and Sheryl A. Bjork
  • An Interview with Chief Justice A. M. "Sandy" Keith — Steven J. Pfefferle
  • Diversity and Removal Jurisdiction: How to Minimize the Home Court Advantage — William L. Moran

Fall 1992

  • Sexual Abuse Claims: When Does the Limitation Period Run? — Katherine H. Davis and Kevin P. Hickey
  • Minnesota Federal District Court Interprets CERCLA Liability in Light of Bankruptcy Code —
    Robert B. Jaskowiak and Karna A. Berg
  • Let’s Keep Legal Representation on the Books — Michael J. Ford

Winter 1991

  • Use and Abuse of the Collateral Source Statute — Sally J. Ferguson
  • The Worm Turns: Claims by the Alleged Perpetrator in Sexual Harassment Situations — Frederick E. Finch and Nancy Lee Nelson
  • Civil Liability of Employers for the Wrongful Acts of Employees — Mary R. Watson
  • Voir Dire — Steven J. Kirsch

Spring 1991

  • ADR-What is It? When Should You Use It? — Nancy A. Welsh
  • National Practitioner Data Bank: What the Defense Should Know — Elizabeth A. Snelson
  • Interview: Tom Heffelfinger — Steven J. Pfefferle
  • The Expert Review Statute: Minn. Stat. Sec. 145.682 — Kathryn H. Davis

Summer 1991

  • Litigation and Settlement of Third Party Workers’ Compensation Actions After Folstad v. Elder
    James F. Carroll
  • The Art of Self Defense: Risk Management for the Defense Attorney — Timothy J. Gephart
  • An Interview with Chief Judge D. D. Wozniak — Steven J. Pfefferle
  • Civil Trial Specialization: Certification Update — Richard P. Mahoney

Spring 1990

  • When is the Beginning of the End? Applying the Statute of Limitations to Medical Malpractice Claims — David C. Hutchinson
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court Refuses to Extend Corporate Successor Liability — Richard A. Koehler
  • Suitable for Framing — Michael J. Ford

Summer 1990

  • Sartori v. Harnischfeger Corporation: Paving the Way for Repose in Products Liability Actions — William J. Egan and Louise A. Dovre
  • Improvement to Real Property: Defending Actions Under Minn. Stat. Sec. 541.051 — Barbara A. Hatch and Lawrence R. King
  • Closing Arguments — Thomas M. Conlin

Fall 1990

  • Environmental and Infections Agents in the Work Environment: A Personal Reconciliation of Recent Work-Related Cases — Gary C. Reiter
  • Developments in Products Liability Evidence — Michael A. Klutho and Kevin P. Hickey
  • Interview: Judge Patrick W. Fitzgerald — Steven J. Pfefferle

Winter 1989

  • A Never-Ending Duty? An Analysis of Legal Duty in Preconception Tort Claims — Robert A. Awsumb and Craig M. Roen
  • The Duty to Defend Discrimination Claims — Joseph J. Roby, Jr.

Spring 1989

  • Protecting Discovery by Copyright — Robert J. Jacobson
  • Failure to Warn Update — Frederick L. Grunke
  • Instructing the Jury on the Impact of Taxes on the Verdict — Michael J. Ford

Spring 1988

  • Returning Negligence Principles to the Trial of Failure to Warn Claims in Minnesota — George W. Soule
  • Certified Copies of Insurance Policies — Michael J. Ford

Winter 1987

  • Defense Strategies for Handling UM and UIM Arbitrations — Mark N. Stageberg
  • Steering a Civil Appeal from the District of Minnesota through the Eighth Circuit — David J. Maland

Fall 1987

  • The Reasonable Expectations Doctrine in Minnesota — Lawrence J. Skoglund and Roderick D. Blanchard
  • The Learned Treatise Exception to the Hearsay Rule — Phillip A. Cole
  • Arbitration and Tort Reform Act: Are They Mutually Exclusive? — Theodore J. Smetak

Winter 1986

  • Recent Developments in Minnesota Products Liability Law — George W. Soule and Cynthia J. Atsatt
  • Background on Arbitrator’s Affidavit — Jerome R. Klukas
  • Trial Court Rejects Indefinite Tolling of Medical Malpractice Statute — Regina M. Chu

Spring 1986

  • Loan Receipts and Other Fancy Settlement Agreements: Making Them Into Two-Edged Swords — Eric J. Magnuson
  • Tort Reform: Scratching the Surface as a Start — Phillip A. Cole
  • Enforcement of Settlement Agreements: "A Deal is a Deal" — Richard N. Jeffries

Summer 1986

  • Limitations on Governmental Liability in Minnesota Law; Recent Developments — Michael C. Lindberg
  • The MDLA: A Specialty Certifying Agency? — Mary Jo Ruff
  • Oral Argument: Why? How? — Judge Myron H. Bright

Fall 1986

  • 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983: Keeping Pace with New Decisions and Litigation Strategies — Clifford M. Greene
  • Chief Judge Donald P. Lay: Reflections on Appellate Judging After Twenty Years on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals — Charles E. Lundberg
  • Update on Arbitrator’s Affidavit — Theodore J. Smetak

Spring 1985

  • The Minnesota Unfair Claims Practices Act — Thomas D. Jensen

Winter 1984

  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Minnesota, Post-Repeal and Post-Safeco: Strategies for Handling Underinsured Motorist Claims — Eric J. Magnuson and David J. Moskol
  • MDLA Position Paper for Repeal of Minn. Stat. Sec. 549.20 — Law Improvement Committee

Spring 1984

  • Plaintiff’s Expert: Obtaining An Order to Compel His Deposition — Richard J. Thomas
  • Using the Structured Settlement Annuity Expert to Combat the Plaintiff’s Economist in Catastrophic Injury Cases — Richard N. Jeffries
  • Claim Processing and the Tort of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress —Willard L. Converse

Summer 1984

  • Thermography—Ideas for Cross-Examination — Mark N. Stageberg and Ted E. Sullivan
  • Caught in the Middle: The Liability of Non-Manufacturers under Minn. Stat. Sec. 544.41 — John S. Beckmann
  • Legislature Expands Pre-Judgment Interest — Thomas A. Pearson

Fall 1984

  • If It’s Not Broken, Why Fix It: (Products Liablity and Evidence of Subsequent Remedial Measures) — Gary J. Gordon

Winter 1983

  • CGL Coverage in Light of Bor-Son v. Employees Commercial UnionCharles E. Spevacek
  • Uniform Medical Information Release Form for Minnesota — Richard J. Chadwick
  • The Cost of Videotaped Depositions — Mark N. Stageberg

Summer 1983

  • Chiropractic Cross-Examination — Thomas D. Jensen
  • The Use of Videotape Depositions — J. Richard Bland
  • New Appellate Rules — G. Alan Cunningham

Fall 1983

  • Ethical Considerations in Discovery — Michael J. Hoover
  • Structured Settlements: An Overview — Thomas J. Faulhaber

Vol. 3, No. 1 — 1982

  • Offer + Acceptance = Judgment — Candice Hektner
  • Are Unimpeded Medical Exams a Thing of the Past? — Charles H. Becker

Vol. 3, No. 2 — 1982

  • Resolution of No-Fault Issues: Arbitration and Alternatives — Theodore J. Smetak
  • Legislative Wrap-Up — Law Improvement Committee

Fall 1982

  • Pre-Suit Perpetuation of Evidence Based Upon Equity and Rule 27 — Richard J. Chadwick
  • Defending Against the Application of Collateral Estoppel in Product Liability Cases — James A. O'Neal
  • Minnesota Adopts Pure Comparative Fault Against Employers in Lambertson-type Cases — Wayne D. Tritbough

January 1980

  • Legislative Preview 1980

May 1980

  • Legislative Wrap-Up

November 1980

  • Captive Insurance — John M. Degnan
  • Workers Compensation

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